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Their rather frantic Christmas album from 2000 was "Do You Hear What We Hear," and they have a new double disc CD of their alleged "farewell concert" at Carnegie Hall due out in January of 2005. And, every year the New York charity organization Broadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDS records a holiday album that includes the casts of most of the major current Broadway hits.

And, sultry & sexy (left) is Assistant Artistic Director of the Seattle Men's Chorus, and prior to joining them in 2000 directed the Windy City Slickers in Chicago. Last year's album ("Carols for a Cure, V") included , because, well, he's never sung anything very gay, but I have to admit I was encouraged to include the title track of his 1961 album because I thought the cover was so gorgeous.

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Come down the stairs Look under the tree and see I'm such a bad boy I get no sympathy 'Cause I've been raising Cain, raising hell Don't behave very well Waiting for the sleigh bells Christmas really matters to me, To me Santa, been really bad Been writing on the wall Broke a window with my ball Santa, Christmas coming soon But now I've gone and thrown my toys away Santa, oooh I wanna see the reindeer fly If you're not down my chimney by tomorrow Gonna cry, gonna cry 'Cause Christmas really matters Too late Yuletide has come Hanging stockings by the fire Singing carols with the choir Goodnight everybody, it's time for bed Gotta listen for the reindeer on the roof Santa, oooh I just want a toy Sometimes wish I'd never been bad at all I see a jolly silhouetto of a man Santa Claus, Santa Claus, Will you come down my chimney? Pull the sleigh-o, pull the sleigh-o Pull the sleigh-o, pull the sleigh-o Santa, please don't give him coal (give him coal...)Raising Cain, raising hell, please don't give me coal Kris Kringle! Three of the members (Brown, Whitley, Stern) were in the earlier group Sons & Lovers (helped by other members Elliot Pilshaw and Deian Mc Bryde).

by Jeff Baena, an official selection of the Midnight program at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival.

With over 20 years of experience in music publicity—and an early background in music journalism—Kristine Ashton-Magnuson began her publicity career as an intern at Levine/Schneider PR in 1992 after graduating from the University of San Diego with a bachelor's degree in Communications Studies/Business Administration.

She quickly rose through the ranks, moving from receptionist to music department assistant to Tour Publicist.

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Les Vandals est un groupe de punk rock originaire de Long Beach en Californie. I think their xmas version of "Bohemian Rhapsody" is so amazing that I included the lyrics so you can follow along. I've got Ru commenting on her Xmas album on this show, but tune in next month for a full scale interview with her.. I've no photos of the group, as it's a rather large volunteer charity organization from New Jersey, who do concerts all year, using various combinations of members for different songs.I've no photo of Pledge Drive, as none is available on their site. And I've no knowledge that any of the artists are gay, but as the original was done by Queen, well, it qualifies for our ears. It's such a mystery Will I be denied Or will there be gifts for me? The song "Disco Santa" can be found on both of the albums pictured below is comprised of Joshua Koffman, Ken Browne, John Whitley and Bob Stern (left to right).In the next few months we are going to be releasing some special Kung Fu products through Bandcamp. and international versions of the release and instrumental versions of all those tracks for you to do for your instrumental only listening pleasure.The first is a special 31 track FLAC “lossless” version of the Vandals “Internet Dating Superstuds”. There’s also a home-demo version of “Disproportioned Head” sung by Warren as part of the demo-ing process explained in the extra release related materials on the Kung Fu Records Bandcamp page.

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