Teen dating violence books

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That means in the average classromom, as many as ten students could be hurt by their boyfriend or girlfriend - physically or emotionally.

*In the state of Texas, 3 out of 4 individuals between the ages of 16 and 24 have been affected by relationship violence, either personally or about someone they knew?

Dating can also serve as a protection source for teenagers who have strict family values that differ from those held by their peers.

These numbers were reported in a survey separate from the one above, so considered separately and considered together, those numbers are frightening.However, they are all usually characterized by high emotional intensity and often last a short period of time, but are usually flashes of romantic feelings that actually provide a training ground for future more stable relationships during adolescence.For many teenagers, the quality of the dating experience and the predictive value of the first romantic relationship may contribute to youth's conceptualization of a relationship.Starting a conversation about this topic can be difficult, but I think it’s one that’s important to keep aware of and know the statistics about because it should be informative in working with teens.Whether you’re an educator or a librarian or teen advocate in some capacity (which includes writers for teens, readers who appreciate YA fiction, bloggers, and so forth), being ignorant of what teens experience or are familiar with because of their peers’ experiences can be more harmful than helpful.

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