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The company was founded by Soul Htite and Yu Hang Guo in 2012, and is headquartered in Shanghai, China. But what does it mean to be seek intelligence when it comes to dating?Her father was a literary editor at China Federation of Literary and Art Union in Beijing, however was exiled to south west China as miner during the Cultural Revolution.Zhong wrote her first poem at five which was published when she was seven, and she started to write short stories at twelve, which was released in Shanghai Youth Literature.Or is it about looking down on those who don’t measure up?Is it about knowing lots of trivia, such as the questions posed in an Ok Cupid “sapiosexual fetish test,” or a deeper way of assessing one’s gray matter?

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Because, yes, there is indeed a word for desiring smart people: sapiosexuality.In high school, we were not permitted to have boyfriends.At university there were only six boys in my class.” She says her mother signed her up for an online dating service without her permission and her dad complains she is too independent. It also happens to appear on a Facebook page for sapiosexuals.Is it simply about communing with like-minded souls?

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