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According to the US Census, nearly “13% of men and 40% of women aged 65 and older are widows.” While the psychological effects of widowhood cannot be generalized into one category and vary depending on the individual, the social consequences are much more clear.

The Gerontologist of The Oxford Journals states that, “widowhood is associated with income inadequacy, which is associated with lower automobile use, lower social participation, and higher loneliness and anxiety”.

Given the premises, how in hell I ended up in a nudist-sex-whatever Sauna? After sipping a glass of water (no, thanks, I’m not drinking wine and getting drunk in here) we entered the Spa: 2 big Jacuzzi, 1 swimming pool, 2 saunas and showers. There were a few naked couples inside the pool but they were relaxing and talking normally.

The short answer is: because I’m totally, utterly naïve! Bored as hell, I decided to join a friend to a sauna birthday party. I started thinking that maybe I was over reacting to the whole nudity thing. I just noticed a few sneaky looks, but I didn’t really pay attention. The couple in front of me was clearly engaged in a dirty underwater game of hands.

I lasted 15 seconds and I ended up running to my towel, with my hands trying to cover the shame. The only clear thought I had at this point was: not a chance I’m taking my bikini off!A large percentage of our users on Stitch are widows or widowers.When a spouse passes away, the remaining individual is left with a different lifestyle, a loss of dependence, and a broken heart.I was already practicing for the memoir I wanted to write someday; I loved pulpy personal narratives, stories of trauma and dysfunction, and I was captivated by the idea of writing about my own experience.But I was certain that the quotidian drama of being a high school student in crunchy Portland, Ore., wasn’t compelling enough, and I craved the source material for stories that would make my story debauched enough to document.

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