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He assumes they want to sleep with him," Hagen said. "We turn the roles around a bit because there are rapists in all ethnic groups," Hagen said."So the group leader will ask him: Who are these girls? Xenophobic blogs are however rife with reports of violent attacks allegedly committed by foreigners, including a November incident in which a 12-year-old girl was physically molested by two underage asylum seekers.Often bearded, invariably in flowing robes and expensive turbans.The rich, middle-aged Arabs increasingly stalk the deprived streets of Hyderabad like medieval monarchs would stalk their harems in days that we wrongly think are history.

A parliamentary committee has heard many of the children are not orphans, and are being exploited to satisfy a demand from well-meaning Australians and others to volunteer.

Ms Chan said it triggered memories of the loss and separation that the children had already suffered after being separated from their families."Having these adults coming in and out of our lives felt like we were continuously being abandoned," she said An Australian child protection organisation, Forget Me Not, told the inquiry children in orphanages are often trained to perform traditional dancing and forced to perform for visitors."Some children are sent out to beg for funds in bars at night or hand out flyers advertising their orphanage," the Forget Me Not submission said."Some orphanage operators have deliberately kept children malnourished to attract more sympathy and thus more money."Even where orphanages are well run, over sixty years of research tells us that the very process of institutionalisation is harmful to a child's development." Senator Reynolds was moved to campaign against orphanage tourism after a visit to Cambodia."I was utterly appalled that there were 500-plus of these institutions and the consistent message was 'stop Australians coming and supporting them'," she said."Some children are stolen, some are recruited — the facilities pay recruiters to go out to poor communities and convince parents that their children will be better off in these institutions." She warned that despite promises that the parents would be able to stay in touch with their children, many lose contact because the children are given new identities, making them 'paper orphans'."So sometimes parents will spend a lifetime trying to find these children," she said.

Griffith University law school's Kate van Doore's submission to the parliamentary inquiry found more than half of all Australian universities advertise orphanage placements as part of their international volunteering opportunities.

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Indian media have been publishing exposés documenting the foul behavior of Gulf Arabs in the southern Indian town of Hyderabad.

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