Problems updating iphone 3gs to ios 6

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Without releasing the home button, stop holding down the power button for up to 15 seconds.

Congratulations, you have just updated your i Phone 4 and i Phone 3GS to i OS 6 while preserving your baseband!

So you now have the latest firmware and be able to use an unlock solution such as Ultrasn0w or Gevey SIM.

My dad had one of these, I have it now It's pretty cool but the camera has these smudge marks everywhere.

This guide collects the most common i Phone i Pad update issues for i OS 9 (incluidng i OS 9/9.2.1/9.3/9.3.4/9.3.5, etc.). And after the upgrade is over, all deleted apps will be automatically replaced.

If you are stuck on some i Phone i Pad update problem when upgrading to i OS 8 or i OS 10, please check the two guides: Most Common i OS 8 Problems and Solutions & Most Common i OS 10/10.1/10.3 Problems and Solutions, and then make a smooth upgrade. Besides that, there are also some simple & effective solutions to help you make more room for i OS 9, like remove messages & attachments all at once, clear the junk files on i Phone i Pad with Phone Clean, or move photos & videos to computer then delete them from your device etc.

i OS 6.1.6 (The latest version of i OS available for the i Phone 3GS) does not support the latest version of Facebook from the App Store.

You know, the latest i OS 10 has been released on Sep.13, 2016, and more than 70 percent users already have been upgraded to i OS 10. Related Reading: How to Delete All Messages on i Phone Quickly This is a common and annoying problem that when we try to update to the new OS, the i Phone is more likely to be stuck on Apple logo and can't boot up completely. Note: This is the simplest way to get your i Phone out of the Apple logo.

However, for those whose i Phone i Pad is not running with the last i OS 9 version – i OS 9.3.5, before installing i OS 10 on their i Device, they need to upgrade to i OS 9.3.5 firstly. If your i Phone or i Pad stays on Apple logo screen during i OS 9 update, you can try the following methods to fix it: Step 1. Then release the power button but keep pressing the home button. You will see the Connect to i Tunes screen and you can let go of the Home button. But what if you have some important data that hasn't been backed up? The safest way to keep your i Phone data safe during i OS 9 update is to make a full backup of your i Phone i Pad.

3: Sell, give away or dispose of your i Phone 3GS and upgrade to a newer model. Very tough phone and yes I agree the 4s build was week mine only last about a year and one drop caused it to disintegrate within months even losing the camera the buttons became stuck the glass cracked off completely.

3gs the last actually iphone that steve jobs optimize..... The 5s is another tough little phone but dents too easily Still on this phone! it's slowly falling apart, the touchscreen keeps on glitching, i can't text anymore and the battery lasts 1 hour.

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