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So far it’s already involved Billy Idol revealing that he’s a Mighty Boosh fan and Fielding getting inebriated with former Sex Pistol Steve Jones. Yet Fielding is probably best known for having slightly malicious fun at the expense of pop stars on the panel show Never Mind the Buzzcocks, but that’s not what he wants to be remembered for. You’re lucky I still live in this country.’” The fact Luxury Comedy has reached its end (natural or not) partly explains why he’s on the road again. The question I want to ask is: what would a night out with Noel Fielding be like these days? “Very alluring but it makes you quite sickly if you drink too much. You don’t have time to notice it’s happening to you. But eventually you go to a party and there’s a back party you didn’t know about and then there’s a smaller party and eventually it’s you in a cubicle of your own, thinking, ‘Is this still fun? “You can be a celebrity in this day and age and not really have anything at the end to show for it. You join us in the smeary aftermath of the events of the previous sentence. That was where he was living.” He’s sitting in a London hotel room while he tells us this. “Panel shows are amazing because they’re a good way of getting exposure and you can make stuff up and improvise. “After doing two TV shows back to back that were very post-production heavy, with animation and stuff like that, I wasn’t really feeling like a comedian any more. If we were to head out after the photo shoot, what would occur? There’s this relief you get when you go from Australia to New Zealand. Well, earthquakes obviously …” When he was a boy Noel Fielding liked to dress up as a “psychedelic” cowboy. I used to go to the shops in it.”) And he once thought he saw a fairy. All of a sudden you walk into a room and everyone knows you. Julian was a musician really and I was a painter so we were used to making stuff. He worked 'incredibly hard' to elevate the Mighty Boosh to arena-filling world tours.Then they imploded, 'Luxury Comedy' got cancelled and so did 'Never Mind the Buzzcocks'.Fielding performed regularly as a stand-up comedian during the late 1990s, and appeared repeatedly on the television stand-up showcase Lee Mack's Gas.His highly animated stand-up routine included surreal stories, physical comedy, characters, and songs, much like his later work in The Mighty Boosh.

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“We live like one road away from each other, I have just bought a house where on the roof garden you can see into his window so I am gonna get a telescope to make sure he says he’s doing what he’s doing,” he said.The boots are the least outlandish element of the comedy star's look today, comprising as it does tight jeans, a shaggy black fur coat with a Chanel logo spray-painted on the back, a giant patent handbag in the shape of a watermelon and, painted across his face, some bright Bowie zig-zags. If you saw Nick Cave in the supermarket in tracksuit bottoms, you'd kill yourself.Does he ever have a dress-down day, slob out a bit? I'm not particularly a slippers and dressing gown type. I don't have a weird tracksuit I put on when I get in…In 2010, Fielding was to perform a solo tour across the country.It was cancelled, however, so he could concentrate on writing The Mighty Boosh film with Julian Barratt and creating an album.

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