Jon hamm elisabeth moss dating

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Hamm's supporting turn is one of the film's best performances, and it's yet another chance for the "Mad Men" star to exhibit his dexterity with both comedy and drama.

Hamm chatted with Huff Post Entertainment about "Friends With Kids," why Elisabeth Moss is key to "Mad Men's" success, and what was so special about the farewell Wiig received on "Saturday Night Live" in May. Kind of playing my part, as it were, to be helpful to getting the film made. My go-to joke was always, "I had to sleep with the director." How does Jennifer's writing process work?

It left her with glowing reviews, a Tony nomination and the “re-assuring” feeling that Peggy isn’t the last meaningful character she’ll ever play.

“I thought it was funny, brave and cool,” says Moss of a deliciously scripted film that feels like a distant cousin to mid-period Woody Allen or early Wes Anderson.“I feel like Alex just bypasses all of the conventional ideas of what you’re supposed to do with your script,” she adds.

Indeed, from the voiceover (read dispassionately by Eric Bogosian) to the way the narrative switches focus from Philip to Ashley to Jonathan Pryce’s fellow author, Perry does everything screenwriting class tells you not to do. “I enjoy a Hollywood film as much as the next person.

What's more, Jones also broke up with actor Will Forte during the same time that Hamm announced that he has separated from his girlfriend of 17 years, Jennifer Westfeldt.

Emmy Award Winners 2015: See Who Won On The Big Night & All The New Achievements And while Hamm might be getting very up close and personal with Jones, there's another co-star who is apparently trying to keep her distance away from him.

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