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Specifically, her former costar Douglas Booth, he of the ideal Euclidean facial symmetry and jawline chiseled by Michelangelo. Booth and Cyrus were spotted "laughing and flirting" with one another at Soho House.Paparazzi even captured the two standing near each other in a bigger group.And Josh has pretty much bribed Sofia to not tell her, and Yolanda and Elliot know too.But everyone is sort of in agreement that Gabi just shouldn't know how Josh really feels.Heather appears in one episode, "Lilly's Mom Has Got It Goin' On," where she briefly dates Miley's father, Robby.Lilly's parents are divorced, and her father Ken Truscott is an accountant. In "Miley Get Your Gum," Lilly refers to her brother's pet hamster. ," Lilly says "Sometimes I wish I had a brother; when I come over here, all better!(You know, other than the fact Gabi clearly has feelings for Josh.) "It's a very interesting triangle," Osment told MTV News."Because everybody knows how Josh feels about Gabi, except for Gabi.

The Record and its staff encourage a respectful, engaging and informative conversation.He is so cute that girls cannot take their eyes of him.He is very talented as well and his amazing work has made him popular all over the world. He was born in the year 1991 on 9th of July and this makes his age 23 at this time.Lillian "Lilly" Truscott (born October 22, 1992) is Miley Stewart's best friend/adoptive sister, Oliver Oken's girlfriend, a main deuteragonist, and is the first person Miley tells about her double-life as Hannah Montana.Lilly grew up in California and was childhood friends with Oliver.

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