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Pro tip: if you have a dollar or two to spare, try your luck at a game of Chicken Sh*t Bingo.

Tim Faulkner’s Gallery is located in a renovated warehouse in the up-and-coming Portland neighborhood.

Yet, they’re just as important to good stories as the protagonists are.

If your antagonist is not fully realized, lacks depth or is a caricature of evil, your story will suffer.

I utilize integrative therapies that emphasize cognitive behavioral methods and mindfulness strategies.

I tailor these approaches to meet the needs of each individual client, couple and family.

Many authors are guilty of discriminating against their antagonists.Don’t be a thief—save your grade, use Bib Me™ and give credit to those who deserve it!Discover How So Many Busy Moms and Women Alike are Looking and Feeling 10, even 20 years younger! Burn Boot Camp is the fastest growing fitness facility on the East Coast.I graduated from Eastern Kentucky University with a Bachelor of Science Concentrated in Physical Education as well as a Minor of Nutrition.I started out as a nursing major, but quickly realized that my true passion was fitness!

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