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The men on Team Arrow try to figure out what the bad guys could want to do with the stolen diamonds, but they’re useless without Felicity.Oliver says Felicity is busy and they can figure it out on their own.

But she’s not so broken that her soul has fallen out, so she heads out to buy her villainous father some soup.Arrow has been building up to a lot all season, and tonight's episode delivered on a few major events.Ok, we know Felicity was never quite over Oliver, but she and Ray did seem to be enjoying the start of their romance.Oliver tells Diggle that he’s freaking out a little because everything Ra’s told him would happen is starting to unfold, but Diggle stops him in his tracks when he realizes that the end of this sentence is going to be that he’s considering becoming the Demon’s Head.But Oliver is worried that being a vigilante in a Robin Hood costume might not be enough for this crime-ridden city, not anymore.

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