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As a kid he was forced to dabble in sports he liked far less — baseball and basketball — until arriving four years ago at Martin Luther King High School in Riverside, California.The size that kept him off some rides at Disneyland also put him past the limits of his local youth football league. Word of him got to King High coach Kevin Corridan anyway.Ideally, the high school quarterback will date a cheerleader, but he can have a few ‘road bumps’ along the way.Actually, the road bumps are encouraged because they help the rest of us understand that it’s sometimes hard to endure temptation.Eight others are currently uncommitted and at risk of going elsewhere. Here are the highest-rated players in the states that have a Scout-evaluated recruit in the Class of 2017. He also plays his keys, plays disciplined football and does his job. Full Alabama state rankings OT | Phoenix (Ariz.) North Canyon, 6-5, 290 College: UNCOMMITTED Rating: 5 stars, No. Full Arizona state rankings S | Ashdown (Ark.) 6-1, 180 College: Arkansas Rating: 4 stars, No. He has great range, he can cover, he has hands, and he can bring support against the run.DE | Madison (Ala.) James Clemens 6-4, 255 School: UNCOMMITTED Rating: 4 stars, No. His length is good and he carries his weight extremely well. He is not an elite pass rusher yet, but he does put pressure on quarterbacks. 30 overall Has the frame and athletic ability to be an elite level prospect. He still needs to fill out his frame, and add strength, but he is going to be one of the top signees for the Hogs in this class. He stays around the football with his speed and athleticism. Full Arkansas state rankings WR | Cheshire (Conn.) Cheshire Academy 6-3.5, 206 College: UNCOMMITTED Rating: 4 stars, No.He grew 3 more inches by sophomore year, the first where he made the varsity squad, and 4 more by this season, the start of his senior year. A grand jury in Tennessee indicted a former college football player on Monday in the murder of a 16-year-old high school cheerleader who prosecutors say was slain because she ended their romantic relationship.

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Of the 41 states that had qualifying players for this year's rankings, 19 have players committed to out-of-state schools. states — California, Texas, Florida, New York and Illinois — are taking their talents elsewhere.

Just before he was arrested by police, Gaul wrote on Twitter: 'I love you Emma, I can't be around any of that yet, it's too soon.

I know you know I'm dying to be there but understand I can't.

It focused on the members of the school's highly rated Hoover Buccaneers football team during the season, while they balanced athletics with school and relationships. The show began on MTV Canada on September 7, 2006, at 10 P. In Hoover, the show's premiere episode was shown to the cast, their families and supporters at a local theater; the event was staged as a movie premiere, with the traditional red carpet replaced by a carpet of artificial turf, complete with stripes as would be found on a football field.

The second season began on Tuesday, January 30, 2007.

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