Dating a stingy man

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"Nothing says I'm keeping our dates casual—and you in the friend zone—more than repetitive coffee dates," says author and columnist Dave Singleton."He needs to choose date spots that show he's got imagination, not just load you up on caffeine."2. Splitting an appetizer or a dessert can be romantic, but the main dish?and that stupid girl i will be going back to school no even a salt of 100naira, not even a call to ask weather i don reach ur destination .

The term skinflint derives from the idea that a miserly person would go to the extreme and “skin a flint” or use a flint till it’s as thin as skin Date: Circa 1700 1: one who is very reluctant to spend money 2: scrooge 3: pinchgut All of us are enthralled by this fundamental unit of modern capitalist society: money.

Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Romance / Dating A Stingy Guy (8171 Views) Ladies, 8 Characteristics Of A Stingy Guy On First Date / When You Are Dating A Stingy Man [see Photo] / Top 4 Ways To Collect Money From A Stingy Guy (1) (2) (3) (4) dating a guy who wudnt wanna knw if u recharge ur fone,make ur hair,change ur wardrobe.wen u tel him u wanna do dese tins he tells u he has a project..tinz lik he wouldnt b lik dat wen he marries u,he doesnt wanna spend on a gal who wud leave him at d end of the day buh if u r his wife he wudnt b stingy to u.i ask nairalanders,babes wud u date a guy lik dis?

and generally would he change if he eventually marries her?

When you think about your boyfriend, do you see him as a good husband in case you'll get married to him?

If you're a woman who may have this very important issue in life on how to tell if your boyfriend will make a good husband then you need to study and observe his personality traits.

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